Which Factors Affect How Long It Takes Your Carpet to Dry After It’s Professionally Cleaned?

Do you want to revitalize the carpets in your home or business and make them look like new again? The best way to do it is by calling on professional carpet cleaners to come out and clean your carpeting. They can get your carpets as clean as possible and extend the life of them dramatically.

One thing to remember when you have your carpets professionally cleaned is that you will have to allow them to dry afterwards before you start walking on them. Here are a few factors that will affect how long it takes your carpets to get completely dry.

How dirty were your carpets?

If the carpeting in your home or business is in pretty bad shape, professional carpet cleaners will have to work extra hard to get them clean. They’ll have to put in more effort and, by extension, use more water to go about cleaning your carpets. This will result in your carpets getting wetter than they would otherwise, which will increase the amount of time it’ll take for your carpets to dry. It’s why most professional carpet cleaning services recommend you have carpeting cleaned on a regular basis.

How much airflow is there in your home or business?

The carpets in your home or business will dry a lot faster after being cleaned when you have air flowing throughout the space. You should consider opening up a bunch of windows in your home or business to increase the airflow. You should also think about turning on ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home or business more effectively. This will make your carpets dry a lot quicker.

How much humidity is there inside and outside of your home or business?

The higher the humidity level inside and outside of your home or business, the longer it’s going to take for your carpets to dry. When the air inside or outside your home or business is humid, it’ll make it difficult for the water in your carpeting to evaporate. Some people choose to knock out the humidity in their home or business by turning the air conditioner on. This will often speed up the drying time for carpeting.

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