These Are the Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets

Toughest Carpet Stains What’s the definition of a stain? It’s a discoloration that’s clearly distinguished from the surface it’s found on. Stains are caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two dissimilar materials. No one likes unintentional stains. They’re messy and they’re ugly. The worst feeling in the world is when you have a nice, new white, tan, or off-white carpet installed in your home or office, only to discover someone or something stained it. It looked perfect and now it is ruined! Or is it? Thankfully, there are companies who can remove stubborn, awful stains… companies like Horizon Carpet of Phoenix, Arizona.

Did you ever wonder what the toughest stains are to remove from carpets? Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers. In general, there are several main culprits.

Spilled Wine or Grape Juice

First, have you ever spilled grape juice or wine on your carpet? It might look purple or red, but either way it’s a tough stain to get out. Should it happen to you, if possible you should treat the stain while it’s still wet. You can use hydrogen peroxide and/or water and a cleaner to treat the stain. Oftentimes, though, those dark color stains are stubborn and linger even after do-it-yourself removal attempts!


Speaking of dark colors, have you ever tried to get blood stains out of a carpet? Again, not easy!

Dark red is tough, but so is brown. For those who spill their coffee, just know that coffee stains are among the toughest carpet stains to get rid of– they’re often yellow/brown.

Writing Utensils

What about pens and markers and other writing instruments full of ink? Ink stains are definitely hard to remove. Several people who use ink in their copy machines have accidentally spilled some ink on their carpet, and the boss was not happy.

Random Stains

Finally, there are the bodily fluid stains from… brace yourselves here… vomit and excrement. Not only do these bodily fluids stain the carpet but they smell terrible, too.

Do you have tough carpet stains that you need help getting rid of? If so, call Horizon Carpet for professional carpet cleaning services across Phoenix, Arizona. For Phoenix/East Valley, call 602-404-8064. For Phoenix/West Valley, call 623-561-6277.