The Importance of Routine Upholstery Cleaning

In our busy schedules, it’s rare to get the time or opportunity to perform a deep cleaning of our home; when we do, we often neglect the most important places.

Your furniture is an investment requiring more care and attention than just a simple vacuum or dusting. You should occasionally get your upholstery cleaned by a professional for deep cleaning and stain removal.

Here are a few reasons it is important to get your upholstery cleaned routinely!

Maintain a Crisp Look

First, you want to maintain your furniture’s overall nice and fresh look, right? Cleaning its upholstery every couple of months helps prevent dirt and grime from building up and taking over each piece. Ever have a stain that won’t seem to come out, no matter what you try? Chances are you’ve let the stain linger for years, and it’s seemingly “ingrained” in there. In a case like this, you will need a professional upholstery cleaner to remove it.

Eradicate Unwanted Dirt and Odor

Next, think about your health and the people who use your furniture. You want your upholstery to be clean to prevent it from forming a bad odor or bacteria buildup. To prevent mold from growing, and to keep pests like fleas away from your couch, recliner, bed, etc., you need to make sure your upholstery is cleaned regularly!

Improve Air Quality

Finally, consider the air quality in your home or place of business. The air becomes contaminated as bacteria, pollen, and dust becomes stuck to your furnishings. Every time you breathe while sitting on a filthy couch or chair, you inhale things that can negatively impact your health. A professional upholstery cleaning can remove any filth or bacteria adhering to your furniture.

There are many tell-tale signs your furniture needs upholstery cleaning. Horizon Carpet can help transform your old, dingy furnishings to their original pristine condition!  Whether you have just a few simple pieces of furniture in your small home or dozens of pieces in your commercial building, we’ll play the role of furniture and couch cleaning company for you.

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