Replacing Vs. Repairing Your Carpet

Repairing or Replacing Your Carpet There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when they ask themselves this question: “Should I repair or replace my carpet?”

Well, consider how your current carpeting looks right now. Are there burn marks from cigarette ashes? Is the carpet frayed? Do you have discoloration spots? How about harsh stains, especially from things like wine spills or pet urine? Is your carpet so thin and worn that you can see the floor below at this point? Finally, do you notice bumps and folds where you don’t think they should be?

In some cases, your carpet might just need some simple repairs rather than replacement. For instance, wrinkles/waves in the carpet might be able to be professionally re-stretched and made flat again– a simple repair. Or a part of the carpet that looks bad could be cut out and replaced with a piece that “blends in” such that no one knows the difference. Again, a fairly easy repair, right?

Like most things, figuring out whether to repair or replace a carpet depends on how severe the damage or wear is… little things can be repaired, but big things? Well, maybe then it’s just time to replace the whole thing! If you’ve just moved into a home with all white carpeting that is so ugly due to years of a homeowner “not caring,” then perhaps it’s time to replace all of it. If, however, there are just a couple “little problems” catching your eye, it might behoove you to compact the carpet repair guys at Horizon Carpet.

Why not have Horizon Carpet come take a look at your carpeting and help you determine what can be done to make you happy? Horizon specializes in carpet repair around Phoenix, AZ, serving both residential homeowners and commercial business owners with carpeted offices.

If you’ve got burns, holes, or tears, Horizon can probably fix them. In addition to carpet repair, Horizon also offers carpet cleaning, as well as tile cleaning, upholstery repair, and even grout recoloring, all in an effort to make your home better looking and, ultimately, more comfy. Please contact us at 602-404-8064 or 623-561-6277 for more information today.