Repairing Your Carpet Can Help You Save Money

Should you repair or replace your carpet? It depends on several factors.

What’s the Issue?

First, what’s bothering you about your carpet? Did someone’s cigarette or cigar accidentally leave a burn mark in it? If so, it can be repaired. The burnt patch gets cut out, making sure it doesn’t fray. Then another piece of the carpet (taken from an area where it won’t be missed or from an extra piece of carpet you saved) is used to replace the bad spot.

How Deep Are the Stains?

Next, how about stains, from the likes of red wine or… pet urine? In most cases, the stained parts of a carpet can be repaired much like a professional would take care of a burnt patch. Basically, the bad part is cut out of the carpet and replaced with a good, identical piece. A lot of people call Horizon Carpet to get rid of their smelly poop/urine-stained spots– dogs and cats can really mess a carpet up!

Where Are the Bumps?

How about bumps and folds in the carpet? Do they annoy you? These wrinkles and waves can be made flat again by a professional re-stretching– so consider that a “repair.”

Repair or Replace?

When should you consider replacing your carpet? If it’s old, frayed and damaged– beyond repair– then it’s probably time for a new one. However, if the rest of the carpet is in good shape, having your carpet professionally repaired come save you bundles of money, as well as time and the headache of moving everything to get a new carpet installed.

In the Phoenix area, Horizon Carpet fixes ripped carpets. Do you need part of your carpet repaired or patched in? Horizon can do the job and make it look new again. Horizon serves both residential and corporate customers– so we handle carpeting in both homes and offices. In just a few hours, our specialists can repair burns, holes, and tears, as well as re-stretch carpeting to get the bumps out. Meanwhile, the project can include a professional steam cleaning, which helps ensure that it’ll look its best.

For carpet repair in Phoenix/East Valley, call 602-404-8064, or call 623-561-6277 for Phoenix/West Valley.