How to Protect Your Carpet from Pets

While people generally love their pets, they also must realize they’re animals who make the mistake of “doing their business “on the rug sometimes. Or their hair ends up all over the carpets and furniture of the house. Or they track dirt into the house with their paws. Pets can be messy.

How, then, can a pet owner protect their carpet(s) from pets? There are several ways.

Did you know there’s such a thing as “stain resistant carpeting?” While it’s more costly than most, this carpet has a protective layer applied to its fibers which makes it harder to get dirty. An alternative to this is to “Scotchgard” your carpet(s). You can have this done professionally, and it, too, helps make it harder for carpets to get truly dirty.

Other ways to protect your carpet from problems include keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, not allowing them to go in rooms where you have carpets you don’t want dirty, and vacuuming rooms at least twice a week. Furthermore, you can apply “carpet powder” to your carpets to give them a fresh scent. This is especially handy after you’ve had to clean up a pet’s excretions. While many people spot clean using products they bought from the local discount store, they often end up with carpeting that just doesn’t “look right” anymore. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, always.

Besides vacuuming, there’s the option of steam cleaning carpets on a monthly basis. Why do this? Well, pets’ dander, hair and saliva gets into carpets over time, and steam cleaning helps freshen up the carpet properly.

Any time you can keep your dog or cat on a tiled or vinyl surface, rather than carpet, it makes for a much easier clean up situation.

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