How to Prevent Mold From Forming on Wet Carpets

Moldy Carpets Flooding has certainly been in the news lately, what with all the hurricanes doing damage to places like the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico and Houston.

Phoenix is known for being an extra-dry place. It’s the kind of place where people have stones instead of grass for their yards. But, what happens if the heavens decide to rain down, non-stop, in a storm that causes way too much water to end up on the streets of Phoenix? Yes, even places like Phoenix can experience floods. They can be manmade or direct from nature, but either way, they can cause all sorts of damage.

One thing that annoys people and could end up hurting their health, too, is the development of mold forming on wet carpets.

From something as simple as spilling a drink on the carpet in the living room to something more catastrophic like having an uncontrollable flood infiltrate your entire house, moldy carpets can and do happen.

How Mold Forms

Mold forms when there’s moisture and darkness. Therefore, if and when you suspect you’ve got wet carpets, for whatever reason, do what you can to dry them quickly. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to remove the water, as well as fans to speed up the drying process. Typically, it makes sense to keep fans on the wet spots 24-hours-a-day for up to a week to really accomplish the task at hand. If and when you have a dehumidifier, use that, too, to help inhibit mold and mildew growth. Anything you can do to get air circulating is a good thing. Sunshine, a breeze, and whatever it takes to dry out the carpet will definitely prevent mold from getting out of control.

Oftentimes, potentially moldy carpets are steam cleaned in order to sanitize and deodorize them. Carpet padding that gets soaked is typically replaced with brand new padding. Meanwhile, anywhere the flood water touched should also be sanitized. Typically, scrubbing things like baseboards with soap and water and some chlorine bleach does the trick.

If you’ve got water damage and you don’t want mold to take hold, call the cleaning technicians at Horizon. We’ve got the tools and solutions needed to fix the problem and, ultimately, put your mind at ease. In the Phoenix-East Valley area call 602-404-8064 and in the Phoenix-West Valley area call 623-561-6277.