How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in the Summer

Cleaning Carpets in the SummerWhat are some tips for keeping your carpet clean in the summer?

In the Phoenix area, people tend to bring dessert sand in with them on their shoes, sneakers and flip flops. Do you want to track sand and/or dirt onto your carpeting this summer? If not, simply remove your footwear when you enter the house. Ask your guests to do the same. Usually people pick one spot near the front door or the garage door to pile their footwear. Try it.

Whether or not you make a footwear pile near a door, for high-traffic areas add mats, small area rugs and/or “runners” which can collect sand, dirt, etc. These “collectors” act as a place where people can wipe off and remove their footwear before stepping on the “nicer” rugs you’ve got in your home that you want to keep extra clean. It’s not unusual for people to want to keep their living room or bedroom carpet more clean than, say, the “mud room” rug where they do their laundry and/or store their bicycles. Certain rooms are meant to be a little grittier/dirtier than others, and that’s okay.

Next, keep up with regular vacuuming. Rather than let dust, dirt and allergens build up over time, to a point where your carpets are overwhelmingly dirty, make it a habit to vacuum more often than you do now. So, if you vacuum once a month, try twice a month. If you vacuum once a week, try twice a week. The more vacuuming you do, the better off your carpeting will be. Consider sprinkling some baking soda on it before vacuuming, too– that’ll help absorb odors.

Also, if you’ve got kids, have them spend time outdoors where they can run around– let them spill stuff out in the yard rather than on your nice rugs this summer. Since it gets so hot out midday, schedule play time in the early morning or after supper toward dusk.

Finally, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner if and when you need one; Horizon Carpet serves the Greater Phoenix area, including East Valley and West Valley. Use the online contact form to connect with Horizon and inquire about carpet cleaning services for your house.