How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health

Health Effects of Dirty Carpets Do you have dirty carpets that look bad and perhaps emanate a foul odor? What are you breathing? Dirty carpets harbor all sorts of things that should make your skin scrawl and make you feel nauseous; they can negatively affect the health of people and pets who have to live with them. If you took a magnifying glass to inspect what’s in your carpet right now, you’d be amazed (and probably disgusted) at what you’d find.

Carpet Saturation

Your carpeting can only take so much pollen, bacteria, fungi, cigarette smoke, dirt and other stuff before it becomes saturated. When these pollutants overwhelm the carpet, where else can they go? How about right into your ears, nose and throat? Meanwhile, dust mites can take over dirty carpets to the point where your asthma is triggered. Dirty carpets can also help your eczema flare up. And, of course, think of all the sneezing you could do if your carpets aren’t clean. Are you dirty carpets giving you headaches? Possibly.


If you’re the type of person who has allergies, then dirty carpets are bad for your health. Think of all the stuff a carpet catches and traps: pet hair/urine, dead skin cells, insect feces, mold, etc. Pretty gross, right? Do you want to be breathing all that in? No, you don’t. You also don’t want your guests and/or pets getting sick because you didn’t take the time to have your carpets cleaned professionally.


Bacteria can survive for four weeks on the carpet. The Norovirus can, too. Therefore, if you feel like you got food poisoning and/or the stomach flu, realize that you might actually have the Norovirus, which came from… your dirty carpet. Also think about this: your carpet can be a germ hotspot with different living organisms in it– so it’s no wonder that most people have their carpets cleaned. They do not want germs or bugs living in their carpets.

Horizon Carpet cleans dirty carpets all around Greater Phoenix. Use our contact page to make an appointment today. Don’t let dirty carpets ruin your health or mess with the health of your loved ones.