Here’s Why Hotels Should Have Their Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Go online and read reviews for hotels in the Phoenix area– or anywhere for that matter. It’s fascinating to see what real people are saying about the hotels they’ve stayed at– and what are some of the things that bother them the most? For sure, people don’t like dirty hotels. They especially hate when a hotel smells bad!

One of the reasons a hotel might have a foul odor and/or appear dirty to people comes down to what’s underfoot: the carpeting. Think of all the people, pets, packages and other things that go over carpeting with feet, paws and wheels. Sand, mud, bugs and more get tracked into a building and tend to linger in/on carpeting, especially if the hotel cleaning staff is lax in doing their duties.

What are some reasons to have your hotel carpets professionally cleaned?

Improved “Hygiene”

For starters, it’ll make the hotel look and smell better. Carpet cleaning gets rid of dust, pollen, pet/insect dander and more. Want dust mites and bacteria gone? Get ‘em cleaned. Want less people sneezing with watery, itchy eyes? Again, clean those carpets, helping to remove allergy triggers.

Sanitary Purposes

Carpeting needs to be tended to in such a way that it’s deep cleaned now and then for sanitary purposes. Otherwise, mold spores can occur with the chance for mold to grow and spread, especially if carpeting gets/stays wet for a period of time. Furthermore, cleaning a carpet helps get rid of stains, which are, frankly, ugly. Hotels are in the business of impressing customers– and stains are right up there with “funky smells” when it comes to complaints left in online reviews of a place.


Finally, carpets tend to get worn down over time because they’re so heavily used. A professional cleaning, though, helps restore them to looking and functioning better than if they’re just left to deteriorate. Again, when paying customers can leave online reviews of a hotel, looks, smells and how a place “feels” matter so, so much.

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