Prepping Your Carpets for Holiday Foot Traffic

Ah, the holiday season! Some people say it’s the most wonderful time of year. That may be true for most people, but for those of us who take on the job of host or hostess for the celebrations, a few things might make it a little stressful.

When it comes time to prep your home and make your plans for holiday hosting, don’t neglect your carpets! Use these strategies to ready your carpets for holiday guests as best you can.

Practice Prevention Methods

The best way to fight holiday wear and tear on your carpets is to prevent it! Use doormats, area rugs, and carpet runners to keep cold weather debris from tracking through your house and settling into your carpets. Strategically place them in entryways and high-traffic areas like hallways and dining rooms to prevent stains and damage.

Ask Guests to Remove Their Shoes

The less dirt, salt, moisture, and other rubble tracked onto your carpets during your holiday celebrations, the stronger your carpets will be by the new year. Don’t be afraid to establish some rules in your home. Put up a tasteful sign in the entryway or place a shoe rack front and center, so they get the message. Or, kindly ask guests to leave their shoes at the door before they enter.

Clean before Festivities Begin

Give your carpet a fighting chance before your holiday guests arrive by getting it in the best shape you possibly can ahead of time. Break out the vacuum and be generous with the shampoo. The stronger they start out, the better your carpets will hold up through the chaos! In addition to minimizing damage, giving your carpets a thorough wash will make your space look and smell fresh and clean for your visitors.

If your carpets look in rough shape and you don’t have the time or patience to clean them properly before the holiday season begins, Horizon Carpet can get them in top-notch condition for you!

Our services will restore your carpets to their original glory and extend their life for your holiday celebrations.

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